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Dr. Crosby has been working in musculoskeletal medicine for over 25 years specialising in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. His specialty is sports injuries with a particular interest in contact sports, as well as athletics and racket sports.
The resident consultant at the BMI Garden Hospital, he also consults at clinics in north and central London, and Hertfordshire.
Dr. Crosby's position as a leading UK Sports & Exercise Medicine consultant has also led to several professional appointments including:
Foundation Fellow of the Faculties of Sport and Exercise Medicine in both the UK and Ireland
Founder, Eastern Region of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
Director of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine (ISEM)
Visiting Senior Lecturer in Sports Medicine at the Postgraduate Medical School, The University of Hertfordshire
Appointed by The Football Association (FA) to supervise all the medical insurance for the England Squad during the 2010 World Cup
In his capacity as a Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultant, Dr Crosby also provides professional medico-legal expertise as an expert witness.
To contact Dr. Crosby please e-mail him at cpcrosby@sportsdoc.org.uk.

tel. 01993 868182

Dr. Colin Crosby the musculoskeletal specialist