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Do you have a painful muscular, or skeletal injury, such as damaged knee cartilage, frozen shoulder, back pain, or concerns about joint, or nerve conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, or fibromyalgia? Then you should see Dr. Colin Crosby.
A leading UK Sport and Exercise Medicine consultant and musculoskeletal specialist, Dr. Crosby has over 25 years experience of successfully treating patients with muscle, bone and joint disorders that did not require surgery.
As only 5% of muscular and skeletal injuries actually need surgery, Dr. Crosby can provide you with the most effective non-surgical treatment and recovery plan.
So if you are in pain, or concerned about damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilages, bones, joints, or nerves, book a consultation with Dr. Crosby today. He has the expertise you need for a full recovery.

Dr Crosby has helped patients of all ages and backgrounds with the widest range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions including:
head and neck
arm & hand
upper & lower back
hip & pelvis
thigh & knee
lower leg
ankle & foot
Musculoskeletal injuries and conditions can occur for a variety of reasons; external force, organic disease, or they can be genetic. Most often they are due to:-
sudden physical contact with objects
sudden exertion (such as lifting a heavy object)
repetitive strain (repeating the same movements)
repeated force, vibration, or awkward posture

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Dr. Colin Crosby the musculoskeletal specialist