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Dr Crosby has been successfully helping patients to recover from musculoskeletal injuries and conditions for over 25 years and is one of the country’s few full time Sports and Exercise Medicine consultants.
Here is what some of his recent patients have to say...
"Having suffered with increasing hip pain for some time I saw my GP who simply prescribed paracetamol and ibuprofen which had minimal effect on the pain.
A friend of mine who had been treated by Dr. Crosby for a shoulder problem recommended him - best advice I could have been given.
On completing a thorough physical examination I was diagnosed with hip bursitis. After a steroid injection and a rehabilitation exercise programme I regained full mobility and have been pain free ever since. Thank you Dr. Crosby".
Finn McCarthy, London W1
" Although I am very fit and train 3-4  times a week for 90 min, following a stumble as I was running my ankle swelled up and gradually got more and more painful. Having had a very frustrating 2 months trying to get proper treatment from the NHS, I found Dr. Crosby online.
His initial diagnosis of a posterior tibial ligament injury was confirmed by an MRI and followed by a course of physiotherapy and prescribed rehabilitation exercises which I did at home with the help of the highly impressive exercise video library providing step by step guidelines for each of the exercises.
What most impressed me about Dr. Crosby was the amount of time he took to explain, in layman terms, the cause and the effect of the injury. We then discussed the treatment options that were best suited to my circumstances.
Throughout the whole process he made me feel totally at ease and confident that I would make a full recovery. My ankle is now back to normal and I have had no further problems with it".
Richard Wren, London W6
"As a keen amateur football player and cricketer, as well as recreational golfer, I first saw Dr. Crosby about ongoing sports related knee injuries.
During the initial consultation I really appreciated the time he took to explain in detail why the injuries had occurred and the specifics of the damage. We also discussed the best course of treatment, taking into consideration that I wanted to continue with my sporting activities. Although I did eventually give up the football, I am still playing cricket well into my 50's, thanks to Dr. Crosby.
I recently fell of a ladder and broke my wrist and of course I saw Dr. Crosby. His treatment plan and rehabilitation exercise programme were so effective that my wrist was back to normal quicker than expected. Still playing golf and cricket!
Over the years I have recommended Dr. Crosby to family and friends all of whom have had positive outcomes."
Kevin Anson, Tunbridge Wells
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Dr. Colin Crosby the musculoskeletal specialist